The third way between cooking and ordering

The third way between cooking and ordering are the kits for creating menus for real chefs.

From Pacchero allo Scoglio to Fusillone mussels and pecorino, passing through the great triumph of the sea of Fortino.

Perfect for a home picnic, or for a romantic dinner.

Cooking or ordering? This is no longer a problem!

Between preparing everything at home and having the dish delivered, there is now a third way.

The idea is easy, it allows you to eat elaborate recipes without taking away the pleasure of the stove, avoiding the "risk" that the dishes arrive cold or battered by transport and being able to eat at the time you want.

But above all to allow yourself to have a different experience.

How it works

Everything needed for lunch or dinner arrives at home, with preparations already made to assemble and something to cook, all weighed and dosed, the recipes and even the chef's phone to receive help from home.

What can be ordered?