Spaghettone con orata colorati e profumati al limone

The town of Forio with its port, the church of Soccorso, the crystal clear waters of the bay of San Francesco are always admired in all their beauty from the seaside terrace of the bar restaurant “ Il Fortino”.
In addition, the experience is even more enjoyable if one of the dishes that the chef prepares every day with care and passion accompanies it. The following recipe reveals to those who taste the true essence of the sea, which goes perfectly with the sour notes of lemon.


Bream, spaghetti, lemon (zest), oil, salt, parsley


Fry the pieces of sea bream with lemon zest, olive oil and a little water on low heat creating a “canary effect”; until the lemon peel releases the essential oils that will perfume the bream. While we wait for the pasta cooking, add to the mixture the remaining bones of the fish. When the pasta is cooked, stir-fry, serve and garnish with chopped parsley and grated lemon.

Dish reviewed in the Septmeber 2015 Ischianews magazine