The restaurant

There is an amazing place, in the most beautiful and suggestive point in the north-west area of the splendid island of Ischia. With a terrace overlooking the sea from which the gaze opens, on the right, on the bay of San Francesco and, on the left, on the historic and particular town of Forio with its port, the Torrione, the Soccorso church, its spectacular red sunsets and the mysterious green ray. From the terrace you can mirror yourself in the crystal clear sea or, in the evening, observe the illuminated bottom of the waters and relax in the fresh sea breeze. A visit to FORTINO is a must to complete your holiday in Ischia.
 Some dishes that you can taste at the Fortino
The menu varies according to the catch of the day and the time of year. Some specialties of the restaurant are the Trionfo di mare (Antipato Fortino), linguine with seafood, mussel soup, bruschetta, Fusillone Cozze and pecorino cream, and much more.
 Position of the Bar Ristorante il Fortino
On the western coast of the island of Ischia, in the municipality of Forio, a terrace built on a tuff stone practically on the sea, easy to reach both by car and on foot by taking a nice walk.

How to reach us