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Paccheri al pesce spada

In the most beautiful and evocative point in the north-west area of the beautiful island of Ischia. With a terrace overlooking the sea from which the eye opens, to the right, over the bay of San Francesco and, to the left, over the historic and particular town of Forio with its port, the Torrione, the church of Soccorso, its spectacular red sunsets and the mysterious green ray.

Ingredients and technique

Double consistency swordfish. Chopped with a knife, for the cubes that entertain chewing. Creamed with comic and very little milk, for the cream that the chef wraps around the paccheri. Junoesque, but not bulky for this. About a supervised cooking with painstaking care. In addition, there is the wild rocket, spicy enough, and the Taggiasca olives, delicate and unmistakable. Bite after bite, maybe with the sunset in front, you realize that there can be simplicity, but that nothing good can ever be easy and taken for granted.


Very special, ancestral architecture, with a wonderful terrace, carved out of a rock of green tuff. All projected to the north-west, directly on the beauties of Forio. And in addition, there is the sunset that is always redder, a memorable show. The service in the dining room is attentive, with sympathy and familiarity we take care of the customers who return over the years, pampered by a kitchen that experiments and never disappoints. Mediterranean flavors at full blast, fun dishes although of great Neapolitan tradition, you can breathe the grace and the strong personality of the hosts. Il Fortino is a reconciling oasis, an experience not to be missed.

Dish reviewed in the Ischianews magazine issue of July 2019

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